About Us

Our Mission Statement

To Empower our Stakeholders through genuine  support and added value.

The aims and objectives of the Association are as follows:

To provide the highest level of support and guidance to the members of the Association,thereby ensuring overall efficiency and productivity within their operation.

(II) To work in conjunction with the following parties, to ensure the highest level of service  to the consuming public.

a) The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, with respect to affordable pricing to the consumer. 

b) The Ministry of Trade, with respect to the sourcing of goods and services.

c) The Ministry of Health as to provide the highest standards of Health and Safety.

d) All other business organizations, so as  to keep abreast with the changing practices in the Global economy.

(III) To lobby as a strong economic group, to  ensure that Government provides the necessary laws and regulations for the effective operations of the Supermarket industry. 

(IV) To provide training through workshops  and seminars, so as to have members  informed of the latest technologies and
systems in a changing